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  1. 1 minute ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    iCloud Drive could be utilized to allow syncing across devices.

    Possibly across Cachly apps but not across all apps and sites. Cachly is "transient" to me and doesn't contain all my info - just very recent and planned. I know GS users leveraged the old app as their offline database but it just doesn't make sense to me at this point. There would need to be a lot of work in the app and effort on the cacher (me) to constantly refresh the Cachly data based on activities outside of the cachly. I'm sure there are others that would be thrilled to get small pieces of their beloved GS features added.

  2. I always wondered why the core platform for Groundspeak didn't allow for private images. I would leverage that feature to upload spoilers, etc attached to a cache note, etc. 

    Not sure I'd leverage Cachly's app based approach as that's not global across apps/web sites. Plus, as beta testers, sometimes we need to blow things away and start over. 

  3. 2 hours ago, 1MinnieMoo said:

    Another request too is for a messaging option to be added to cachly for when you need to message answers to COs for earthcaches etc., so we don't have to use the official app for that, it seems that is the one thing everyone still seems to be using that app for, so would be great not to have to any longer - is this likely in the near future as well?

    The messaging feature is not available to 3rd party apps which is why everyone still needs to use the official app or website for this function.  Groundspeak would need to open that up to the developers.

  4. I recall this was previously asked/discussed but I couldn't find it while I'm still in my phone.

    This past weekend leading up to and after GeoWoodstock, I used random live caching in unplanned locations more than I normally do. I likely had no concern of going over my limit, but I normally just needed to load the closest couple of caches and not 50 like the function does today. This was more than just about my limit as the GC API was under extreme load and was very slow or timing out.

    If the number to load in live vote was user editable, that would be a useful addition.

  5. Here's my experience...

    Launch a cache that has multiple waypoints. I used GC6GR7F which has 3 waypoints. 

    When I tap Navigate to Cache, the map shows the main target waypoint and the 2 additional waypoints with the main waypoint as the destination. I can click on one of the additional waypoints displayed in the map, select Set as Target and the line moves to that waypoint while the other 2 remaining on the screen. 

    Is there a different use case/flow @ChrisDen is taking where the additional Waypoints aren't displayed?

  6. Your original post indicates all your adopted caches have previously been found by you. Is that still an accurate statement?

    If so, your last post in this thread says that you are seeing caches not found by you before it checks that you are the owner. But in your case, every owner cache is also a found. Can you send a screenshot of your search options settings - gear icon in the search bar of the Live screen. 

    Again, with what I think is the same situation as you, if I filter out my hides AND/OR I filter out my finds, I see what I expect to see. If I exclude EITHER My Finds or My Hides, I don't see those adopted caches as I both found and own them. I see them displayed only if the search options are disabled for both Exclude My Finds AND Exclude My Hides in which case they all show as green map points with stars. 

  7. Just as a quick follow-up, I went into an adopted cache of mine and added it to a new list. I used basic data and it was added to a new offline list and shows as owned. I don't have a way to test an offline list that had the cache before I adopted it and if something isn't possibly getting updated after the cache is adopted.

  8. I'm still confused on your workflow. I'm not suggesting there might not be an issue that needs to get dealt with.

    You indicate it's occurring in Live view but then reference updating offline lists - 2 different things. In Live view, do you have the default filter set to Exclude My Finds and Exclude My Hides? Since you are the original owner or adopted owner of all owned caches, that should filter them from the Live view.

    On the offline list piece, do you want your finds/owned in a list? I usually remove/filter them, but regardless, how are you updating the cache? If you are doing a basic update have you tried a full update? Have you tried removing the adopted cache and adding it back into the list?

    Some thoughts in case you haven't tried those yet. 

  9. Just now, Saved by God's grace said:

    @Team DEMP, this is only occuring on caches I have adopted that I have previous "Found it" logs on...which I cannot convert to "Write Note" logs without messing up my milestone stats...

    It is working for me as I noted.  I asked but didn't see answered if you are looking in Live view or an Offline list where you have the cache loaded?

    How is this a problem for you? What is it preventing or hindering you from doing in Cachly? 

  10. When you are logging a cache, to store the draft log locally, you want Send Log Now disabled (white) and Save as Draft enabled (green). After you submit that local draft log, you should see the More icon at the bottom of the main screen show the number 1 indicating 1 local draft log that needs to be sent to Geocaching.Com

    For a bit more detail on the above mentioned options see http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Log_Cache#Title_Bar

    Does that work for you now?

  11. Google has done a nice job of indexing the wiki content for anyone that searches without coming to the wiki first. My testing shows Google returning forum hits first (all grouped in the top search result) and then the most relevant Wiki pages. If people search for answers to their questions (a big IF), the effort put into the Wiki should definitely pay off. Nice job all!

  12. 22 minutes ago, Frank said:

    I haven't seen one of those get placed in years... they are a thing of the past!   Last time I did a wherigo I dragged it into notepad and saw the final coordinates in plain text and saved myself a whole lot of time and effort!

    Not sure where you are located, but you can use Project-GC to see activity of new caches. Wherigo caches placed by day in the US is viewable at https://project-gc.com/Statistics/HiddenPerDate?country=United+States&type[]=Wherigo+Cache&submit=Filter . But as I noted in my initial reply, the activity is a tiny percentage of new caches placed or caches that are found.  There are many 1000's active in the US. 

    I'm also not aware of dropping a Wherigo cartridge into notepad and the final coords being visible, but I never looked that hard. 

  13. I've done a couple of them and though I'm sure a better user experience can be achieved, the amount of Wherigo caches and cachers is a tiny fraction of the other cache types. An effort, which is likely rather significant, would take away the limited resources from helping a much larger audience.