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  1. This is due to a change in the interface that Geocaching.com provides and currently requires at least 1 character to be entered. You can enter a character yourself or if using a template in Cachly, put a period or X in the template. You can clear it when you edit the draft online.

    The Cachly developer is in contact with Geocaching HQ to see if they can adjust their interface on their end to not require a character to be entered.

  2. If it doesn't work on subsequent caches after you did the above, I'm not sure if it's possible now. I have the official app on my iPhone and the web page opens for me and not the app. But it could be that I did it before Groundspeak changed it and it's just persistent from that. Maybe someone else knows a trick. 

  3. When you launch the Watch app on your iPhone, what do you show for Cachly? Scroll down on The My Watch section until it lists Installed on Apple Watch and Available Apps. Where is Cachly listed? If it's listed under Available, try clicking Install. 

  4. I run into this from time to time but usually closing Cachly on my iPhone and relaunching it allows the Nearby function to work again.

    For the Current function, it's been hit or miss for me too, and the developer is aware. I could use it 3-4 times without incident and then I might hit the error you posted about or it might show the last cache that was selected on the iphone and not the current cache. Lists work fine but it seems to re-load from scratch each time. Lists is also, to me, preferred as I can keep my iphone tucked away and just use the watch. 

    Maybe the developer will comment further. 

  5. If you go to the More tab, does it show your account in as "Logged in as" at the top of that screen? Have you tried logging out and back in? Geocaching.com is getting a lot of activity with their current Hidden Creatures promotion and I've gotten some errors or slow response times from them when I'm using the geocaching.com site. 

  6. I don't know how often they update the status page, but this weekend there were multiple threads in the geocaching forum on issues with login and API access.  I suspect issues one would see loading caches live or from an online list would be Geocaching.com related. Especially if caches load quickly from an offline list.

  7. Maybe instead of hiding maps, if there was a list of the last 5 recent used at the top, I'd suspect that is what would get constantly used. You'd only need to scroll down past downloaded/recent if it's a new map you are selecting you haven't recently selected.

    I'd prefer a recent section considered vs hiding sections.

  8. There are currently no plans to port Cachly to Android. Check out the Geocaching forum at https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/188-geocaching®-android-app/ and maybe you can get some good recommendations. At least now, vs even 6 months ago, the official app is somewhat passable. 

    https://apidevelopers.geocaching.com/all-api-partners/ lists, if it's being kept up-to-date, the official Android 3rd party apps.  http://www.geooh.com/GeoohApp/ has been getting a bit of press lately. 


  9. Is the GPS showing your current (home) location?

    On the Live Map screen, tap the Filter icon that looks like a funnel to open the Search Options. Tap Reset in the top of that screen and then tap done. On the live map screen, make sure it's showing your home location on the map and tap the icon to load caches. 

    Any better?

  10. 2 hours ago, GeoKen said:

    I am trying to see if there is also a way to utilize the Cachly pending log export function to get this text into the GSAK user note section.

    On http://gsak.net/help/hs46070.htm there is an option to:

    Copy field notes to GSAK user notes - Select this option to have any field notes automatically update the GSAK user notes section. See Waypoint=>Add/change/delete notes

    Is this what you are looking for? If not, consider the approach of asking in the GSAK forum how to take what is available to you, explain what you want from it, and see what they suggest. If it's just not possible, maybe you or someone will write a GSAK macro to do it.

  11. What @GeoKen is asking for is more about the output format than the function of creating a log. In the end,you'd log a Find, DNF, Note, etc in Cachly but the target for field notes would be the old style CSV file format that doesn't go direct to GC.com . The current draft to GC.com leverages the API and there's no export/import. The old style field notes was a CSV export such as from your GPS, that you manipulate as a CSV or upload to GC.com or, which is what @GeoKen  wants to do, upload it to GSAK.  


    Here's an example of the simplicity of the old style field note csv export file: