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  1. Exactly: the center coordinate would be a "from" field in the distance filter for entering the center coordinate to store it fixed along with the filter. If this is empty, the center coordinate would be the current position (as today).
  2. Ok got this - fair point. So it would be more a potential feature for offline list filters?
  3. Yes, this would help. Thank you
  4. I am not sure, if you got my point. The reference point for "distance" filter is the current location. I would need to set it to a fixed coordinate (e.g. my home location as stored on geocaching.com), so the reference point does not move, when my current location changes.
  5. Hi - that was a fast response I noticed the "update caches" option, but it only updates the cache data of all caches in the offline list. It would not notice if there are new caches in the PQ or some caches dropped out of the list (e.g. because they are archived or temporary unavailable). So it is about synching the cache IDs that are on the PQ as well. Or did I get the "update caches" option wrong? Kind regards Stefan
  6. Hi there, exactly for this "distance from" point i was looking today. Not only for offline list filters but would be useful for live view filters, too. Use case for me would be to select all caches of certain kind around 20 km of my home location. Right now I only can realize this functionality with PQs. Will there be a "distance from" option? Thanks Stefan
  7. Hi there, ist there any news on this feature request? I really would appreciate a minimum font size on offline maps. No need for other map types Thanks, Stefan
  8. Hi there, is there any news on this feature request? I have the same use case as BAMBI11 and could really use a one-click update of an offline list based on a pocket query. I switched over from L4C and really like the rich functionality of Cachly Thanks Stefan
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