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  1. Is there a way to see offline caches on the live map? This would be very helpful for planning cache placements. I can only see how to view offline caches or live caches. Would love to see my offline caches on the live map. Thanks.
  2. HoochDog

    Viewing offline caches on the live map

    Thank you!!! I didn't know that you could bulk add the displayed list of live caches to an offline map. This is perfect. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
  3. HoochDog

    Viewing offline caches on the live map

    It is useful to a degree, but to show current and planned hides, with circles, on the same map... I have to create an offline version of every live cache in the area. Thats a lot of typing. Another alternative that I've been doing to see both on the same map is... instead of creating offline geocaches, I update the solved coordinates of puzzle caches in some random state I may never visit with my desired coordinates. When I refresh the map, these "solved" caches show up on the map where I want them to be, along-side the live caches.
  4. HoochDog

    Viewing offline caches on the live map

    I find the radius circles a valuable tool when planning cache placements in a somewhat dense cache area. I've done what you said and have created offline caches that reflect the positions of the live caches, but it is tedious. I can add a marker to the live map and click "save location" but that doesn't draw the perimeter radius around it.