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  1. Hello Nic, thanks for your amazing support. Perhaps I missed if this feature exists, but is it possible to save caches to the apple watch in bulk? I only found the option to save caches one by one when clicking into each cache. For example, the ability to long press or slide an offline/online list and then save the entire list to the watch would be amazing. Not sure what/if there are any limitations by the watch for doing such things, but even if lists could only contain up to a certain number of caches this would still speed up things. Thanks
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    Saving caches in bulk / lists to Apple Watch

    Thanks a lot.
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    Watch face gallery and complications

    Thanks a lot, that would be great.
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    Watch face gallery and complications

    Hello Nic, thank for the amazing support so far. I also would love to have a simple Complication added to the 'Infograph' watch face so that it can be used with the series 7. Something simple as just a shortcut logo in on of the Sub-dial Left/Right/Bottom areas would be more than enough. I see that also another threat from 2019 would have liked that. Thanks a lot for your work
  5. Hello, I am not sure if this is a feature I don't fully understand or a bug, and I wasn't able to find a topic that fully covered this. The problem: I like to create offline lists of my pocket queries by downloading them with 'Full Cache Data' and 'Download Images' turned on. The app then shows that it downloads all the cache data and logs, followed by the download of images. After all downloads are complete (i.e. showing >500MB of images in the 'Storage' -> 'Cache Images' Section), a cache that has logged images only shows however the image description, but the images itself are gray (See screenshot) and some of them have a thick green box around them. To actually see the image, I have to tap on it and then it will be downloaded (again), which makes it unusable off the grid. I would expect that with the fully downloaded PQ I would have already all images on my device and that no additional download would be necessary. Is there something wrong, or is there a setting that might interfere here? The basics: Iphone 11 Pro Max with FW 14.2 Cachly version 6.1.5 (2) Full Cache Data is turned OFF in settings for Live Search Thanks for the help and thanks for creating and maintaining such a great app!!!
  6. If have tried it from a different internet connection and it worked better now. Thanks
  7. Hello, it unfortunately appears that the issue with images being presented only as grey placeholder despite being downloaded during the 'Full Cache Data + Download Images' saving process is happening again. This occurs for about 25% of the images when saving any Pocket Queries or Lists. The basics: Iphone 11 Pro Max with iOS 14.4 Cachly version 6.1.12 (1)
  8. Hello, Another tweak idea about the Pending Logs list, that would give that extra little bit of comfort, but isn't super necessary. In the Online and Offline Lists highlights are very well presented as ribbons on the left side. It would be great to have the same ribbons also in the Pending Logs list. This would make it easier to see if caches intended to be logged are still highlighted and require a change, removal, etc. To see that at the moment it is necessary to swipe left for each cache, click on Options, click on View Cache and then check the cache. (Or check the map view) Thanks a lot for the great work. Cheers
  9. Hello and thanks for the great app and maintenance. I see there potential for streamlining the Pending Logs list. When swiping a pending log to the left, the 'Options' and 'Delete' tab show up. Though, as far as I can see, when going on 'Options' it always only gives 'View Cache' as next selection. I tried it with several cache types (Trad, Multi, WherIgo, Earth, Event, CITO), and it's always the same, so perhaps the 'Options' could be turned into 'View Cache' reducing the need for one more klick. Just a suggestion, in case there is indeed no other use for the options. Best regards
  10. Hello, I thought about another little feature, which I think might be easy to implement. It appears that Geocaching.com has a character limit of about 3700 (incl. spaces) for online logs (I am not sure about the exact value). While not hitting this threshold often, it is sad to lose text / hit errors on these particular logs, as these are obviously the type of logs that are demanding an elaborate story. Would it be possible to add a character counter in the corner of the logging screen? Something easy as this would do: (234/3700) Thanks a lot and best regards
  11. Great Perfect, just completed all the downloads and the maps are now working again. Thanks
  12. Whohoo. It's working now. I have installed the latest app version and downloaded all PQs again. The downloaded images are appearing now as intended. Looking forward to the map updates. Thanks
  13. Perfect, thank you very much for looking into all that so quickly! Best service. Much appreciated.
  14. That is fine, I backed up everything, most things will be synchronized via the GC account anyway and the remaining settings can be easily adjusted again. Wow, that is great. Hope it will solve the issue. Thank you very much I loaded 'Australia', and the entire country shows errors with the latest release on the server being from 01/12/2020. Though, specifically I am interested in the 'Queensland' state. So it would be also possible to just load that tinier state map. However, I just noticed that all Australian state maps are there apart from Queensland! Very odd.
  15. Just a few examples from different PQs GC6VGM0 (Showing all images). GC8M421 (None of 2 images loaded) GC31BHV (1 out of 3 loaded) GC890JF (6/14) GC8DJ3K (1/2) GC5P8HH (7/24) GC5GFCP (1/4) I have just reinstalled the app, but that didn't help either. In fact, it seems that the installation of offline maps also seems to be broken. Before and after the reinstall I have tried to update the Premium Offline maps, which seem to download fine, but show total nonsense once installed.
  16. I have created a new PQ with 4 caches located in a 500km radius and which consists of in total about 40 images. Downloaded it via mobile data, but still the same, some caches have all images grayed out, some are able to present about 10 to 15% of images.
  17. It's the same for different PQs for different regions, though, actually in about 10% of cases at least one image is being present. Even though it shouldn't have an effect on the downloaded PQs, I have also tried downloading them again with 'Full Cache Data turned ON for Live Search', but no change. What does the green box around some images indicate? If its not the app or the GC servers, perhaps it could be restrictions of my WIFI connection.
  18. My PQs respectively consist of about 350 caches with about 3700 images
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    Alert when approching a cache

    Thank you very much
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    Alert when approching a cache

    Hello. Given that the request is > 2 years old, I wonder if it was possible to proceed in any way with the implementation of this feature. I love Cachly. When hiking, trail running or in a boat it would be fantastic to have an optional audible alert. Even just a ‘dong’ or something like that when being in a 100m radius or so of the cache you are navigating to would be fantastic. Ideally the distance could be customisable. This would save me from taking out the phone all the time. Thank you very much