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  1. Are you importing a GPX into Cachly or using the Pocket Queries feature in Cachly? Using the Pocket Query feature in Cachly should not download images. Importing a GPX with the option turned on will.

  2. Cachly is an official partner app, so we use the geocaching.com API to return all caches. Sadly it does not support that search filter, so we can't create this as a feature. Of course we could show only DNF AFTER we get the data, but that would not be a reliable or accurate way to show that data to users.

  3. 44 minutes ago, Blobabee said:

    Is 'nearby caches' a feature on the watch being considered for development or possibly in devolpment?

    Nearby is already a feature on the watch. I was just meaning any watch app function that uses the Geocaching API such as searching for caches, logging, etc etc will need your phone. Hoping in the future this can be improved.

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