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  1. 45 minutes ago, Andy760 said:

    Thank you Nic for the quick reply. The function for marking the waypoints would be completely sufficient for the offline lists. For me and I think for other Cachly users too, that would be a significant improvement. Thank you in advance for your effort!

    It won't be added until Cachly 8.1 as 8.0 has a feature freeze until release.

  2. 5 hours ago, ivans said:

    I just read all the new topics and see there's a lack of response here.

    It was Christmas time, so I have been trying to take some vacation.

    When you use the editor on geocaching.com and set Comic Sans MS, it uses the style "font-family:Comic Sans MS,cursive;" This means that on iOS, which doesn't have Comic Sans MS it will fallback to a cursive font. This is just a style issue, and nothing really caused by Cachly. 

    For testing, I changed one of my caches to have some text in Comic Sans MS. See GC9E7CJ.

    That being said, I made a fix in Cachly for 8.0 that will force all fonts to be sans-serif when in the "Text" tab. That will make sure all text is readable in this tab, but if you want to see original fonts you can view the "Web" tab.

  3. On 12/9/2023 at 2:36 AM, MrDosinger said:

    Is this helpful? Happy to take instructions for adding further useful info.

    This is helpful, and I have seen this issue reported many times over the last year. The issue is, this is a API bug where one of the requests is returning a timeout error. I have reported this to HQ many times, but they say they cannot replicate it.

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