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  1. 1 hour ago, Carrot Killer said:

    Is there a way or has a way been considered to log caches in bulk?  I would like to see the ability to log all caches in a list with an identical log.  For example, after completing a Geoart I can just push through a cut and paste log rather than doing each cache manually.

    There is hesitation to do this. While some power users would find it useful, it could be abused and lead to really poor logs and inflating find counts. So, for now it isn't something we have planned.

    You can setup log defaults and text templates which would allow you to log quickly and save those to pending logs, then you can upload them in bulk.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Bärenkatapult said:

    I am not sure, if you got my point. The reference point for "distance" filter is the current location. I would need to set it to a fixed coordinate (e.g. my home location as stored on geocaching.com), so the reference point does not move, when my current location changes.

    Sorry for misunderstanding.

    No, I don't think there will be an option to manually set the "distance from" for live search filters. This tool is meant to do quick searching from the current map center, not your current location. You can always move the map to another location and load caches from there.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Bärenkatapult said:

    Hi - that was a fast response :)

    I noticed the "update caches" option, but it only updates the cache data of all caches in the offline list. It would not notice if there are new caches in the PQ or some caches dropped out of the list (e.g. because they are archived or temporary unavailable). So it is about synching the cache IDs that are on the PQ as well. Or did I get the "update caches" option wrong?

    Kind regards

    Ah, ok, I understand now. 

    No, there isn't a way to sync the PQ currently. I will look into adding an option to clear the list before importing/downloading the PQ again if this helps.

  4. 48 minutes ago, Bärenkatapult said:

    Will there be a "distance from" option?

    Currently it is set to 100 miles. Is that too large of a radius for you? 

    If you do a search, Cachly only returns the first 50 (or 100 if you change the Settings) and you tap again to load the next 50. You can easily do this a few times to get the caches you are needing.

  5. 54 minutes ago, Bärenkatapult said:

    ist there any news on this feature request? I really would appreciate a minimum font size on offline maps. No need for other map types

    Yes, with Premium Offline Maps you can make the text larger if you change the text size in iOS. So, if you change the iOS Setting for text size you will see that reflected in our maps.

  6. 58 minutes ago, Bärenkatapult said:

    I have the same use case as BAMBI11 and could really use a one-click update of an offline list based on a pocket query. 

    If you have already saved the PQ as an offline list, you can use the "Update Caches" option to update the list. Does that help?

  7. 1 hour ago, c-fire said:

    Is there any way to filter out certain attributes? I.e. I want to search for small containers but NOT ones with a boat attribute. (I live near a lake and lots of streams and it’s too cold this time of year)

    This isn’t possible to do NOT attribute filters with a live search since the API doesn’t support this. However Offline list filtering can do this. 

    so if you add caches to an offline list you can apply an attribute filter to it. When choosing the boat attribute keep tapping it until it changes to the not filter.  

  8. 7 minutes ago, IVAPER said:

    I not have any change on the cloud , I think I have logged out, and login again , but…. The folder not should be disappeared, correct?

    Correct, the folder should not disappear. If you login to icloud.com can you see the Cachly folder?

    Have you looked on geoaching.com to see if your personal note is there?

  9. 1 hour ago, IVAPER said:

    I don’t use offline lists

    If this is the case, all caches notes would be saved on geocaching.com. When you load a cache that you had text for, are you not seeing it loading? Can you show me a screenshot?

    1 hour ago, IVAPER said:

    The folder Cachly with the cloud as gone with the pictures. And the info I have in someone cache as disappears.

    Have you changed your iCloud user, or logged out of iCloud? These would affect seeing the Cachly folder in iCloud Drive.