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    Custom offline maps

    Hello, is it possible to add support for custom offline maps in mapsforge (.map) format?
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    Custom offline maps

    @Nic Hubbard Hi. For sure, take a look at Czech Republic, for example N 49° 38.672', E 18° 35.550'. There are planty of bike trails shown within online map but not in offline map. Offline maps also misses hill shades and contour lines. Please, add support for themes for offline maps!
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    Custom offline maps

    Yop, I have. Bike trails are colored in non-offline mode (Open Maps - Open Cycle) only. But this is useles if you are out of the signal and can not use online maps. One way could be to download a bit more information along the map itself and to implement theme support for offline usage. Finger crossed for themes Thanks.