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  1. fossiecz

    Custom offline maps

    Hello, is it possible to add support for custom offline maps in mapsforge (.map) format?
  2. fossiecz

    Friend's logs

    Hello is it possible to add ability to see friends logs in opened cache tab ? This feature is available in c'geo on android so API should support this. Thank you
  3. fossiecz

    Friend's logs

    Okay but, is there other way to do this ability possible in Cachly like in c:geo ? For example ; I have my friends in friendlist and I could download their logs to offline memory of Cachly ... and Cachly know that I have downloaded logs for current cache and I can see it then .. sorry for my English I have problem with it but I hope you understand me. Thank you
  4. fossiecz

    Offline maps bug

    Hello I have problem with offline maps (Czech Republic - Europe). The name of cities isn't typed correctly. I will upload pictures and you will see what I mean.