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    Logic around DNFs

    Curios both for search results but especially for offline lists - is there a way to filter for recent DNFs? I love the green and red circles on fresh lives search listings but they can grow stale on offline pretty quick. I will typically clean my bookmark lists up before creating them, but say a few weeks or months goes by and then I am using an old list my target list does not change dramatically - for instance I am trying to find every cache over 10 years of age near me - sure would love to be able to filter based on last x number of finds to eliminate ones not getting maintained. Say if 2 in a row are DNF or 3 of the last 4 are DNF - I dont want to waste time searching for something that is not there, especially on older caches that typically require more walking and bushwhacking. I went 20 minutes into the woods today chasing a cache that was simply not there and the updated logs clearly indicated this but I did not see them until after I had wasted a bunch of time and hit refresh... This happens with my offline lists almost daily... I identify a list of caches I want for some reason (favorite points, age, placed date etc), merge them into a bookmark and then throw them into an offline list I will use for a month or two before creating a new one. I am then out and about hitting stuff on that list until I get to a cache and get stumped then I hit refresh and see several consecutive DNFs and think the program could have helped me avoid this cache. So a couple of thoughts... 1 is it possible to let us set up some filters by recent logs - easy enough to hit refresh all while under wifi then do a filter to delete those from the list that are likely under some distress until they get some maintenance... 2 Along those lines, anytime I open up a cache from an offline list I would love to have it auto-refresh (or the option to do so as I know some dont want to use data) if I have internet. Hints for some reason dont ever get downloaded so I have to hit refresh alot and this would at least warn me with the red circles for DNF logs before I spend time then dont find it so hit refresh... short circuits the whole wasting time looking for something that might not be there... 3 An option for a pop-up when the last log was a DNF - a warning saying this might not be here
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    Logic around DNFs

    Not having CCs on geocaching.com has been my bugaboo lately. Several of us are planning a road trip around the Giga and various people are doing different parts. I end up getting an exported GPX to merge with the larger plan. Typically it has CCs with GSAK style representation. They look correct when imported but if I ever forget and do an update, they vanish. Having them on geocaching.com in my account means they don't vanish accidentally and they are accessible to other tools like cachetur.no. A cachly option to push GSAK style CCs from an offline list to geocaching.com would make this much easier. Tthere are other ways to do this: run GSAK (not a great option for Mac users but now run Mac + PC as a consequence), put CCs in cache note and have cachetur.no parse cache notes for coordinates and it can push them to geocaching.com. Doing this from Cachly would reduce the tool surfaces one needs to pull this off. I guess the priority is lower as the majority of Cachly users probably don't do the multi-person road trip but the heavy hitters do.
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    Scan for DNF, NM,NA logs.

    It would be great if could add a filter to look for log types. When scouting an area to cache, I’d like to be able to identify caches with a DNF, NM or NA on it as the last log. Going in and out of each cache is quite time consuming Would also probably need the ability to add reviewer note and temp disabled as well.
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    Logic around DNFs

    This is a good idea. Filter caches with recent DNFs. Will add this to our list. Should also allow other types of logs such as NM, NA, Temp Disable, and reviewer note. Love this concept.