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    Team DEMP

    Corrected Coordinates

    I wonder if you need to reconsider/alter your workflow. Right now you have an offline view of data in GSAK with corrected coordinates. You don't seem to be updating geocaching.com with that info for some reason. You also have 2 downloads you are doing to Cachly - 1 from GSAK and 1 from Geocaching.com So I see the following options... a ) have 2 different downloads to Cachly and select one to view at any given time b ) Update geocaching.com with the coords you are entering in GSAK and just download the PQ from geocaching.com to Cachly c ) Update GSAK from geocaching.com where GSAK retains the corrected coords. You load Cachly from GSAK d) Possibly, a way to merge within Cachly but not sure if the expected results will be reliably obtained. Just my 2 cents.