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Random Pending Geocache Log

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I was about to write a log for one of my recently found caches this morning when I noticed that the number of pending logs had increased from 5 to 6.  When I checked I found that a random log had been added to the bottom of the list.  It didn’t have a log type or message (even though I have a template set up).  On further investigation I discovered it was a cache I found back in April and was showing up with the correct found date - see attached photo. 

I am running Cachly 3.1(19) on iOS 11.1.2 on an iPhone SE. 


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What you see is likely a result of a previously logged cache that wasn't cleaned out in an earlier upload. The new version that you just downloaded surfaced some of these pending logs. If you validated it was logged correctly on geocaching.com , swipe it on your screen and delete it. 

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