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Only can see caches in Washington State

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I am in Michigan, and the app can find my location, but does not show me the caches nearby, it only shows me the caches in Washington State.

i am using the latest version, 3.0.3 on an iPhone SE.  The app works fine on my iPad Air.

i ended up having to use the geocaching.com app to log our find yesterday.

Thank you!

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Might you have a filter set? Launch Cachly and on the first screen you see, click the icon that looks like a gear on the right of where it says "Location, GC codes, coordinates". This will bring up the filter options. You can either click Reset in the top left or scroll down to where you can limit by location and see if US State shows "Washington" and click that, select the blank option at the top of the state list and click done.

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