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Switching from offline list to live view

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Frequently I look at caches in older offline lists and then want to examine the same general area in live view to see if there are any new caches that that weren't there when I created the offline list. What I do now is copy the code from a cache in the offline list, transfer to live view and paste the code in the search bar, search for the cache, adjust the zoom to see the desired area and then refresh the live view to show the caches. 

This isn't very hard to do, but I'm wondering if there is some more direct way, perhaps a setting or option I have missed, that will let me jump from the view in the offline list to the same general area in live view.


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3 hours ago, Nic Hubbard said:

Yes! For this tap the ... button and choose the Find Caches Near This option. 

Thanks, Nic!

I had tried this option before posting but obviously misunderstood what was happening and thought that I was still viewing other caches in the same offline list because the Lists icon (rather than the Live icon) at the bottom of the screen remained highlighted. But the cache that was selected when "Find Caches Near This" was invoked moved to the the center of the screen and was surrounded by nearby caches. So this is actually a live view centered around the selected cache? If so, it's just what I need! 

I appreciate the explanation and the convenience!

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