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Waypoint problems

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I have read some other forum posts and I too am having problems with waypoints. The first few times after the update that I entered a waypoint, I went back to “navigate to cache” to look for the blue dot, and it wasn't there! As is so often the case I was in a hurry so I quickly opened up my geocaching.com app (shock,horror), entered the coordinates, and used their map to find the cache. When I tried to explain the problem to my husband I opened up cachly to show him the blue dot wasn't there, but now it was! This happened several times and I began to doubt my sanity!  Today I discovered that if I clicked on the new waypoint entry in cachly the blue dot would appear which at least meant I didn't have to enter it again in geocaching.com, but if I go to “navigate to cache” it's not there........at least not yet. The one I did yesterday has now appeared. I have just closed the app (completely by swiping up) and reopened it, and the blue dot from today has appeared.......

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