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Issue with markdown in logs

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Hi Nic,

some days ago I noticed an issue with markdowns in logs. It is not necessarily a Cachly issue because it is also not very clear on the Geocaching side.

I wrote a nice :-) found log using markdown in Cachly (see Screenshot1). But when I looked at this log on Geocahing.com I noticed that half of the markdowns were ignored and ** appeared in my log (see Screenshot2). Then I had a look in the official app and saw that it don't support markdown at all (Screenshot3).

Personally I like the way Cachly handles this, but whatever the final solution is, it should be the same on every platform (Cachly, Internet, official App). But this involved HQ. Cachly got a big fat advertisement for version 5.0 as official partner in a recent Geocaching newsletter and you seem to have good contacts to HQ. Perhaps you can sort this out together?





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