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caches with corrected coords not showing up until area expanded

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I suspect this may be a GC API issue, but wanted to ask here.

When using a live search on Cachly I don't see certain caches that have corrected coordinates until I expand the search area to encompass the location of the caches original coordinates, then the cache shows up in the corrected coordinate location (with the red triangle icon).

As a connected question, when searching an area that is the original coordinate location of a corrected coordinate cache, the map will suddenly expand and show the corrected coordinate cache in the corrected location.

The first item is the one that caused a bit of grief on the weekend. I was doing a live search of an area that I was sure had a corrected coordinate cache and didn't see it. It wasn't until sometime later that I did a new search and expanded the search are cover the original location that I then saw my cache.

 Thanks again for a great app.

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You are correct it's a GC API driven behavior with cache data being returned based on original coords vs corrected coords. The corrected coordinate processing is handled by Cachly after the data is returned from GC, at least in Live view. With this info being the case, you might want to expand the caches retrieved in live view to cover what might be a cache just outside the current loaded set in case it has a corrected coord that moves it back into the target area. This of course adds more caches against your daily limit, though for me that's normally never a factor. 

I suspect the behavior is the same on the official app but since that constantly loads new data as you move, it might not be as noticeable. That's even if the official app uses their own API.  Also the official app doesn't count against your daily limits like the partner apps.

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