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  1. diorex

    Highlighting with logic

    Hopefully a clearer explanation. I do a radius search - it returns the 30 closest unfound caches. Say I have a casual goal to find caches with some level of favorite points when possible. I could set up a highlight logic for searches that is something like - if a cache has more than 10 favorite points highlight "Orange". With this logic I would not need to have every single 10 favorite point cache already in an offline list and highlighted (current functionality), instead this highlight logic would show me the 30 closest unfound caches and if any of them met my criteria then it would automatically get highlighted the color associated with the filter. I would still see all the caches from the search, but now there is an added a tag to ones that I have expressed a preference for. Filters currently allow me to do this (I can look for just caches with 10 or more favorite points), as does sorting (my default list sort is favorites), but with the addition of highlight logic, I would be able to quickly see caches that meet my criteria, while still able to see all other caches, which would increase my propensity to kind caches that meet my own caching targets. Sample Use cases: Highlight all year 2000 caches one color (RED), all 2001-2003 a different color (GREEN) and anything from 2004-2009 a third color (BLUE). This would not be handled easily by a PQ or even project-gc or GSAK lists turned into offline lists because there are 10's of thousands of them. Target favorites - More than 100 favorites (red), more than 50 favorites (green) more than 10 favorites (blue) - this would require priority of filters. Again not really feasible with GSAK Date loops - Feb 29th is a much rarer hide date, for someone trying to loop date hidden this would be a useful highlight, for me that date is December 17th for some reason. Again pretty unwieldy - and as soon as I get several of a date, then some other date becomes my target so a highlight filter solves this problem much better than a series of PQs. Combinations - cache is unknown and D<2 and T<2 would identify puzzles I could probably solve from my phone while I eat lunch and grab on my way back to the office.
  2. diorex

    Customize Color Order

    I agree with this. Also would make the sorted order be priority of highlights. Currently Red is my #1 find this cache type, but when I added Blue to all caches on another offline list - any of my red caches that were also on the blue list got overwritten and now show as blue. I would like to prioritize the ranking of highlights so that "RED" caches always highlight as red, even when they are on other lists as well.
  3. diorex

    Highlighting with logic

    I have recently discovered highlighting and am finding it really useful. Blue for older caches, Yellow for high favorites, Red for targets for challenges etc. This makes offline lists even more useful since I can have multiple offline lists but can see caches that exist on more than one list. I have actually added a number of offline lists as a result. I also noticed that when I do a location search that any cache that is in a offline list and has highlighting applied to it will show that highlighting on the local area search - awesome a cache I had flagged is nearby. I would love to take this a step further and be able to configure my search results using highlighting that is not already in an offline list. We currently have the ability to do filtered searches - so say I only want to see caches placed during a specific month or caches that have more than X favorite points etc. The filtering option is great, but 99% of the time I am searching, I just want to see the caches nearby. But if there was a cache nearby that had say more than 20 favorite points or was hidden on February 29th or was a year 2000/01/02 cache, or hidden in the current caching month or is that really unusual 4.5/3.5 DT rating I need for fizzy loops or.... I would be much more likely to go find that cache that meets my specific defined criteria of what I am looking for. The app already does all of what I am looking to accomplish, but not all at the same time. I can run filters for what I am looking for (including all of the above I believe), but they have to be configured individually for each search. If there is a way to have more than one saved search filter I am unaware of it. The app can highlight caches in search results. In fact the app is already doing one version of this type of filtering with the FTF flag. I cant tell you how many times that 50 favorite point caches was literally the 5th closest cache but I went after the closest one because I did not check the stats of every cache and thus missed out on the higher quality caching experience. I would suggest limiting this to say 3 applied filters with specific assigned color highlights that can be configured exactly like the filters currently are but are applied for any new search. Search results will still show 30 closest caches but the one with the Orange highlight tag say 5 miles away would draw attention that probably would otherwise be ignored because it is not one of the closest 4-5 caches.
  4. diorex

    Switching to Google Maps

    Along these lines.... I have no issue getting routing up, but then I put the phone down and follow the routing direction to the vicinity of the cache. As I approach the cache location, I am trying to identify where I want to park, best approach etc. My phone is still on the routing app (and probably in sleep mode) so I have to switch back to cachly to look at sat view and cache location, but it has almost always reset/lost/forgotten the cache I was looking for and now I have to do a new search for the cache that 5-10 minutes ago I essentially told the app I was headed to find. Minor issue but it would seem that if we exit the app on a routing path, that the app could somehow flag the cache to remain in memory so that it is pre-loaded and open when we return to cachly. This would be a different use case than if we are looking at a cache and then close the app (without going to routing). When I reopen the app later in the day, I am probably not interested in the last thing I looked at.
  5. The single biggest user interface issue I have with Cachly is that when I am navigating to a cache I want a street map view but when I arrive at the cache I want a satellite view to find parking or determine which side of the road or if there is a trailhead etc. The street map view gets me into the say 1/4 mile area and the satellite shows me parking and other info - both are important parts of my geocaching process. I find the cache, get back in the car and then choose next cache which then requires a switch back to map view... This is 2 button clicks per switch - not a huge deal some might say, but this is the activity I repeat the most in the app - I do this every day, sometimes dozens or even hundreds of times per day. I do this for every single cache sometimes multiple times per cache. Would love to be able to set my two primary map views in the settings then a simple toggle button from main screen switches between those views. That would allow me to configure the modes I want to switch between most often - some might like Street/topo others might like Google Street/Apple Satellite or OSM/Flyover etc. We would still have the ability to change to other maps from main screen. This allows pretty easy configurability for how each person uses different map views and does not impose my preference on others. Implementation - the bottom right of the screen just added a new icon I have yet to intentionally use, but it has gotten crowded - and the button I use most is the one in he middle so I end up fat fingering the other two more than I care to admit. (I hate the option to have up be the direction I am facing and would love to disable that entirely or option to remove from the main screen - but that is a totally different issue) Put an icon in the top left. Maybe consider moving the maps button entirely to that corner. Perhaps a quick press is the toggle and a press and hold brings up map options. The goal being to not add buttons but to add functionality to the buttons currently on the screen. Just spitballing, if you can add a "quick switch" feature that would be awesome.
  6. diorex

    Edit/Delete a log

    Surprised how often I find myself wanting to either edit or delete a log in the field Find the cache, post a log, walk back to car, open app to find next cache, see last cache screen, think I must have not logged it, post new log, realize I have double logged it... Dont find a cache, write log about my ineptitude, send log, realize I did not change to did not find before posting so now have a smiley saying i did not find... Find a cache, post log, realize I would have liked to add more information like challenge qualification or cache condition or funny story etc... As it stands now, I have to remember those caches and then manually edit from computer - if I realize I made a mistake it sure would be great for the option to edit at the time the mistake is realized...
  7. diorex

    Requesting login when GC down

    This has happened twice in last 2 weeks - both times were when geocaching.com was having issues. Basically I am using an offline list - I then try and refresh the cache I am looking at - usually to see if any new logs exists... Because the geocaching API does not respond it asks me for a log-in, I try and log in and get caught in an infinite loop - the login server is down so I cant log in and just keep getting asked to login... The issue is that it also locks me out of my offline caches... Head out for a day of caching targeting caches from an offline list... at a cache I update a cache status page and get stuck in the login loop... My day is now ruined because I cant get back to my offline lists thus cant see the caches I had tried to target - I am stuck until I am able to log in again... Thinking we should have the option to cancel the request to the server, thus returning to offline mode so that we can continue to cache even if the login server is not responding...
  8. diorex

    Edit Logs

    From the logs screen I can see the logs I have entered, would like to be able to change log type or edit contents of a log. Most common use case is entering a DNF then forgetting to change log to DNF so it gets logged as a found. As it stands now, we need to remember and change log once we get home, would like to be able to edit log type as soon as the error is realized.
  9. diorex

    Highlight a filtered set of caches?

    Did this ever get added? I am finding I would like to do something very similar as well?
  10. diorex

    Logic around DNFs

    Curios both for search results but especially for offline lists - is there a way to filter for recent DNFs? I love the green and red circles on fresh lives search listings but they can grow stale on offline pretty quick. I will typically clean my bookmark lists up before creating them, but say a few weeks or months goes by and then I am using an old list my target list does not change dramatically - for instance I am trying to find every cache over 10 years of age near me - sure would love to be able to filter based on last x number of finds to eliminate ones not getting maintained. Say if 2 in a row are DNF or 3 of the last 4 are DNF - I dont want to waste time searching for something that is not there, especially on older caches that typically require more walking and bushwhacking. I went 20 minutes into the woods today chasing a cache that was simply not there and the updated logs clearly indicated this but I did not see them until after I had wasted a bunch of time and hit refresh... This happens with my offline lists almost daily... I identify a list of caches I want for some reason (favorite points, age, placed date etc), merge them into a bookmark and then throw them into an offline list I will use for a month or two before creating a new one. I am then out and about hitting stuff on that list until I get to a cache and get stumped then I hit refresh and see several consecutive DNFs and think the program could have helped me avoid this cache. So a couple of thoughts... 1 is it possible to let us set up some filters by recent logs - easy enough to hit refresh all while under wifi then do a filter to delete those from the list that are likely under some distress until they get some maintenance... 2 Along those lines, anytime I open up a cache from an offline list I would love to have it auto-refresh (or the option to do so as I know some dont want to use data) if I have internet. Hints for some reason dont ever get downloaded so I have to hit refresh alot and this would at least warn me with the red circles for DNF logs before I spend time then dont find it so hit refresh... short circuits the whole wasting time looking for something that might not be there... 3 An option for a pop-up when the last log was a DNF - a warning saying this might not be here
  11. diorex

    How to Discover a Trackable

    I did not realize that the trackables area was even clickable - thanks for response.
  12. I dont really play with trackables, but a few legacy challenges in my area require ### trackable logs. I was thinking I would just start discovering them in place without taking possession. I have played around and just cant figure out how to do this with cachly... Pretty sure it is straightforward but I am not getting it... Any help would be appreciated.