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  1. When looking att photos in "full screen" you need to press Done in the top right corner to exit back to the gallery or log. Here it would be nice if you could just swipe down or up on the photo to close it instead of needing to push the Done-button, most of the iOS-apps that I use that shows photos in full screen has this kinda feature and I like it a lot.
  2. Still dosen't work. Any updates on when you might be able to fix this?
  3. frso80

    Zoom in/out with using just one hand.

    Don't know if it's you (if it is, then great work!) who made this possible on all maps (even tile-maps) or if it's a feature in iOS, but it's awesome!
  4. Sorry, my bad! This should work: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YRwa9lxiXPXwm9ZZSg2KySayahLgrJTO
  5. One thing that I personally found out was quite annoying is that when I've zoomed in on the map to show as much as I want and then pushes the arrow for tracking me the map centers to my location and zooms in a lot. I would rather have it to center my location on the map without zooming in or out. One place where this is extremely annoying is when I'm in my car driving and have moved the map around and then pushes the arrow so it starts to track my movement and zooms in, it's quite hard to zoom back out again while I'm moving around on the map. So turning off the tracking and setting the right zoom level and then turning the tracking on again would be awesome.
  6. frso80

    Zoom in/out with using just one hand.

    Would it be possible to add two icons on the map an + and - so you can zoom in/out by clicking them? Also I noticed that this double tapping and move up and down to zoom in and out worked on the premium offline maps.
  7. I love the 5.1 update of Cachly, thank you so much Nic. Even though I still miss a feature to load caches automatically while panning around on the map it works quite well for me to load in GPX-files with all the caches of the areas where I'm going to be. Side note: I've also been stress testning Cachly a lot for a few days and I'm quite impressed by the performance to import GPX-files containing up to around 10 000 caches. I've also tried to import almost 200 000 caches, still impressed by the performance even though it took me över 24 h and when it was done Cachly was kinda slow, but not unusable. Now over to the issue that I'm experiencing: When I'm running Cachly on my iPad in landscape and set Cachly to follow my movement and to have my direction of travel upwards Cachly kinda fails. It works on my iPhone in portrait mode though. Also a side note: I've been experiencing this exat same issue with both Looking 4 Cache a few years back but they have fixed it. So I'm hoping you can find a solution to this. Here is a video of the issue: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YRwa9lxiXPXwm9ZZSg2KySayahLgrJTO
  8. frso80

    Zoom in/out with using just one hand.

    I see. The feature is still good though. Hope Apple releases this in their framework. Thank you for your answers.
  9. frso80

    Zoom in/out with using just one hand.

    Oh, I see. So this feature cant be done on custom tile-maps?
  10. I recently found out that you are able so zoom in/out using one hand/thumb in Apple Maps. To do this you double tap somewhere on the map and then move your thumb up and down. This feature would be awesome in Cachly.
  11. frso80

    iPad and multitasking/side by side

    Sorry for the late reply on this. But running an app like Waze on top of Cachly isn't a good user experience cause it covers to much of the Cachly interface. I'm hoping that you will consider to implement full multitasking side by side support.
  12. frso80

    GPS accuracy on the map view.

    What ever happen to this feature? Didn't it make the cut or am I just blind?
  13. frso80

    iPad and multitasking/side by side

    What's the status on side by side support?
  14. It seems like Groundspeak finally have resolved this, cause now the logs gets the correct time and date (exactly the date that is in the app, I've tested it in Cachly and another geocaching-app). Maybe someone more could confirm this to be working?