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  1. Nic Hubbard

    Navigation to cache with cachly

    What did you mean by that it drops the navigation? Double tap to zoom in and stay in one of the follow modes. By default Cachly will stop following your current location if you move the map.
  2. Nic Hubbard

    Is there an easy way to share a cache via Airdrop

    The share option in Cachly was only meant for social media and for copying the "Checkout geocache..." text. iOS started adding other things to the share dialog that we never intended it for. The way to do what you are wanting is to use the "Export GPX" option, this will then bring up the same Share dialog and from there you can choose Airdrop. Then the person on the other end will be able to import the cache on their end, including the data that was part of the cache such as waypoints, etc.
  3. Nic Hubbard

    Red proximity circle around puzzles

    You can add a corrected coordinate at the cache location and it will put a proximity circle. Will this help? In 5.0 adding corrected coords is much faster.
  4. Nic Hubbard

    using the map while navigating

    Thank you very much for the suggestions. They have been added to my internal feature list for a future version.
  5. Nic Hubbard

    copy cache name and user names

    Great idea. Will add it to the list.
  6. Nic Hubbard

    feature request / suggestions

    Yes, I am worried about other users that might be confused as to why this is happening. I will have to think about this one and talk with my beta testers. Thanks!
  7. Nic Hubbard

    feature request / suggestions

    Are you meaning a way to lock the map rotation so no matter which screen you view the map on, it will always be the same? This does sound like a good feature. Will add it to our list for 5.0.1. Will add to 5.0. Google Maps will return in our 5.0 version. Thanks!
  8. Nic Hubbard

    Better Navagation

    Cachly passes this feature off to navigation apps which are much better suited to handle turn by turn navigation. Tap the ... button when on the Navigate screen to choose a navigation provider that you have installed such as Google Maps or Waze.
  9. Nic Hubbard

    What does Inactive mean?

    This option is no longer part of the new Geocaching HQ API, so it will be removed in 5.0.
  10. Nic Hubbard

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    No problem!
  11. Nic Hubbard

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    Cache name has a radius from the center of the map. I think in 4.3.x it is 10 miles. This is a limitation of the API. In 5.0 it will be able to search 100 miles.
  12. Nic Hubbard

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    Do you know the GC code? You can search for it in the search field. Or, you can move the map over to the location where the cache was then reload caches in that area.
  13. Nic Hubbard

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    Can you see that cache now that you weren't seeing before?
  14. Nic Hubbard

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    Yes. You might have had a search option turned on that was not allowing that cache to be shown. Can you look and see if that cache is there, even if you aren't at that location?
  15. Nic Hubbard

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    Yes, the cache would be right where the pulsating current location indicator is. Are you sure you don't have some other Search Options turned on that would prevent that cache from showing? Tap the filter icon and then Reset search options.