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How to Discover a Trackable

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I dont really play with trackables, but a few legacy challenges in my area require ### trackable logs. 

I was thinking I would just start discovering them in place without taking possession. I have played around and just cant figure out how to do this with cachly... Pretty sure it is straightforward but I am not getting it... Any help would be appreciated.


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When viewing the cache, tap the Trackables button that has the bug icon. This will show you the Trackables that the cache has. Obviously this is not always accurate as people don't always log their trackables, but if you do see it there just tap the Trackable and then choose the "Log Trackable" option.

If it isn't in the list, but is physically in the cache you can go to the Trackables tab and search for the TB code or tracking number. From there you can choose to Log the trackable.

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