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Apple Watch 3


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I posted this in response to another user asking this question, so will repost:

We did have plans for this from the very conception of Cachly. I have had an Apple Watch since they first came out, and most recently have the Series 2. 

However, the watch doesn't provide enough API's and hardware to really make a good watch app for geocaching. For example, there is no compass in the watch, so trying to build a compass would still rely on holding your iPhone in hand.

Currently it does seem to be more of a novelty, but we are continuing to keep it on our feature list and hope to get it added in a future version.

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Hi Nic,

The AW3 does not have a compass however you can use GPS coordinates to know what direction you are heading (just like my Garmin eTrex 20 I use for geocaching). If you don't want to display direction, just displaying the distance from the watch to the cache would be more then enough as the number would get lower if you are in the good direction.

However, maybe you can start by doing a smaller app that can display the surrounding caches list, with distance from your location and when you click on it, you get name/description/clue/attributes and latest comments.

You can then improve the app to add live distance to the cache (and maybe direction if you want to calculate when you are heading based on the GPS)

You could even ave an option to mark the cache as Found or DNF as a draft and then complete it on your phone.

I have a AW3 watch with LTE and I really hope I could use Cachly on it! There is another Geocaching app that have an AppleWatch app but I have to say that the iphone app is really bad. However the AW app is usefull to find surrounding caches.


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