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Cache Ranking / Grid Filler



I like to identify caches which fill missing grids or criteria so that I can optimise going after a single cache which fulfils multiple grids. Currently I use GSAK to do this and I score and rank caches so that the highest scoring ones are the most desirable e.g a cache can score a point for the following

1) cache name starts with an alphanumeric character which I have not found

2) CO name starts with an alphanumeric name I have not found

3) Fizzy - cache fills a DT rating I don’t have In my curent loop

4) Jasmer - cache fills a month in my current Jasmer loop

5) Old Cache - If the cache is placed more than 20 years ago

6) Type - Wherigo, Virtual and Webcam (or whatever im feeling like)

7) Favourite- 100 or more favourite points (or whatever I’m feeling like)

8) Attributes - one point for each positive or negative attribute I have not found

9) Placed Date - for a day of the month I haven’t found in the current loop

Of course this has some complexity but a cache can score a number of points (I think 5 is the best I’ve seen) and If I’m pressed for time (most of the time) I’ll target the highest scoring caches and I know that they are either interesting in some way or at least helping me fill grids.

I think at least it would be nice to search for Fizzy and Jazmer grid fillers based on current or configured loop 

A really useful feature in Cachly is that I highlight the caches in an offline list exported from GSAK with a different colour representing their score (which I write as a user note in the GPX) this method works well but is quickly out of date once I’ve found a few caches which might in turn lower the ranking score as I now have that DT rating I need for example

The feature I can imagine is essentially similar to the filters you can build up on an offline list but with a weight / score added and then an overall filter to only show caches with X score or greater


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