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Loading “my finds” county data failing.


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The “my finds” file loaded perfectly for the Delorme feature, but will not complete when loading for the county feature. It runs till about 16,000 to 18,000 and abruptly closes and returns me to the Home Screen. Pressing the home button shows that Cachly is still open and that takes me back to the window where I was to initiate the county download.

I have attempted to load the county data at least 15 times and have read many posts concerning this issue hoping to find the magic solution. I have used the clear data feature from the ellipsis as well as the load data buttons, but it always fails.

Nic, you might remember we were investigating that Cachly was running very slow on my phone about a month ago, but we never resolved it. I went ahead with the upgrade to 8.0/8.02 but have not been caching since then.




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Hi Nic,

Loaded 8.0.3 and I’m not experiencing any new issues.

Still have the same reaction with the county maps.

FYI… last night when I clicked on the counties/regions button, it displayed the “load data” link, but this morning it was displaying each state and 0 of xx for the counties found. Florida showed 1 of 67 due to my caching activity yesterday.

Another discovery… when I go to the files folder/ Cachly/ backups/ there are 541 files or folders in there dating back to 09-27-2018. The blue folders have either 0 items or 1 items listed. They contain deleted offline lists. The “files” on the backup folder appear to be text files of logs posted to caches on that day. There are also 2 zip files that I believe might be backups of the “my finds” file.

That backup folder contains 956 MB

The 3 biggest folders under Cachly are the already mentioned “backups”, “pending logs backup” 149 MB, and  “offline” 1.67 GB that is mostly “images’  (3883) … images that seem to be from me perusing cache photos when investigating for future trips.

I was wondering if Cachly is allocated a limited amount of memory, and I may be at the threshold. I don’t know my friend, but when I’m caching with friends and we arrive at the next cache, and my log still hasn’t entered the saved queue…. something is surely wrong..  Incidentally, all my regular caching friends use Cachly…

i don’t know why Cachly is saving so many old files and pictures.  Perhaps there just isn’t enough space to load the “my finds” file. 

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I see no improvement in the performance of the phone or Cachly. I’m going to spring for an upgrade to IPhone 14…!

I really believe there is something wrong with the memory on the phone.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this issue, but you have plenty of other stuff in your life to deal with right now. If I need assistance in the future, I’ll check back in here for sure.

Thanks again Nic

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Hi Nic,

Thank you for looking into my issue with the “my finds” file.

i decided to upgrade to an iPhone 14 and everything is working fine.

Not the solution I was hoping for, but it’s what needed to be done.

I’m happy to have Cachly back working 100%…!

Thanks again… 


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