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Premium Offline Map Not Showing up


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I use premium offline maps quite a bit, but the map for China doesn't seem to work.  I downloaded it, but it doesn't show up where my other offline maps exist.  The other maps work fine.  If I go into the Offline Maps in the list of Asia maps, it has a checkbox next to it (not a cloud icon like the rest), and when I click it in that section, it says "map already downloaded" with the option to re-download.

My troubleshooting would typically be to uninstall and reinstall the map, but given it's 5gb and I'm traveling, it would be very difficult to keep a stable connection on hotel wifi for that much data. (side ntoe: it could be worth breaking that map down into regions if that's offered by the mapping service, as the whole country is such a huge file). 


Any advice?  Thank you!


Also, random side suggestion: A search feature within a cache's description would be helpful for Earth Caches which can be very very long. Just a thought, but not pressing...

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The issue here is likely that once the file downloaded Cachly was running in the background and it was trying to uncompress the map file. Because that takes longer, iOS killed Cachly.

If you are able to redownload and leave Cachly open that would be the only way at this point to solve the issue and allow the map to fully install.

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