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I want to create and save a waypoint for a parking area for a 3.9 mile long multi cache ski and snowshoeing trail. 

I long press on the main map and a dropped waypoint symbol appears. I click on the three dots and save the waypoint with a custom name.

When the save menu disappears, I’m left with the waypoint still being there—for the time being—but without the name I saved it as. The coordinates are there, though.

I close the app, come back to the where the newly created and saved waypoint should be, but find it hasn’t saved it at all.

Any help would be appreciated.


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So I’ve been playing around with the maps select feature from the main live map, and have found something interesting. 

I did find that the created coordinates are actually saved but are not appearing immediately on the map. 

If I change to the premium offline maps, or another map provider, the saved waypoints are visible. If I refresh the map using the Add More Geocache Waypoint button, next to the map select button, the geocaches are added, the visible map refreshed, but the saved waypoints are no longer visible.

If I change to another map—I was switching to Google and Apple Hybrid maps, and the premium offline maps—the saved waypoints are visible again, but disappear when I select the add more geocaches button.


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Waypoints of a cache cannot be added be dropping a pin, rather you create those on the waypoints screen of a geocache.

Are you meaning saved Locations or using the custom geocache option?

If you are saving locations, those are not shown on all maps, they are only accessed through the Saved Locations option in More.

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