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Apple Ultra Watch - stand-alone?


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I've looked everywhere, but did not see anything specifically stating the Apple Watch requiring or not requiring an iPhone along while caching. I would love to just use my Apple Ultra watch (especially considering it's new L5 band) without having to lug my iPhone with me on hunts. Also, if it does work stand-alone, will it be able to pull down new caches on the fly or do they all have to be downloaded to the watch? Thanks so much in advance. 

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44 minutes ago, Blobabee said:

Is 'nearby caches' a feature on the watch being considered for development or possibly in devolpment?

Nearby is already a feature on the watch. I was just meaning any watch app function that uses the Geocaching API such as searching for caches, logging, etc etc will need your phone. Hoping in the future this can be improved.

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