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Display circle around caches on map for HIDERS


A feature I would think could be great since cachly gives us the ability to vue found mystery caches at there final coordinates ounce found, would be to have a hiders map where circles are around the geocaches on the map to indicate the no go zone of 528 feet between caches. Could also have current coordinates displayed so we can take note of them when hiding.

Hope I'm making my self clear, here is an example of what I have in mind, the problem on the geocaching site, is that all mistery caches are back at there posted coordinates when in the hiders map even if you corrected the coordinates and/or found the cache. So in an area where a lot of mystery caches are available, you place a geocache and keep getting reviewer notes that you are to close to xxx cache, go move it and then again, to close to...

Thanks for considering this. 


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That is exactly what I wanted, just did not realise that is what the option was for. Duh

Thanks for thinking ahead of us ;)

And of course, clicking on the circle that indicated current position gives us the coordinates we are at.

All set, now I can place caches more effectively!

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