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Apple Watch metric/imperial

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Just got my Apple Watch, and of course one of the first apps to try is Cachly. Seems to work fine, but... when I select a cache on my iPhone and then select it on the watch, it show the distance in kilometers. When I search for nearby caches on the watch, it always uses miles. I can't find any option to change that, or am I overlooking something?

Oh... wait! I wanted to add some screenshots, and I noticed something different. It seems that only the distance of the first nearby cache is in miles, the rest is in kilometers. See the attached screenshots.



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Okay... right... well... erh... never mind! It's just a translating error of myself :blink: I did the translations for Cachly into Dutch (up to version 6.1), and for some reason I translated "m" into "mi" in the latest version. It should just be "m", for meters.

If you could send me, maybe for real the last time this time, the latest file I can correct this "error" :D

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