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Quick Switch Between 2 Map Views


The single biggest user interface issue I have with Cachly is that when I am navigating to a cache I want a street map view but when I arrive at the cache I want a satellite view to find parking or determine which side of the road or if there is a trailhead etc.

The street map view gets me into the say 1/4 mile area and the satellite shows me parking and other info - both are important parts of my geocaching process.

I find the cache, get back in the car and then choose next cache which then requires a switch back to map view...

This is 2 button clicks per switch - not a huge deal some might say, but this is the activity I repeat the most in the app - I do this every day, sometimes dozens or even hundreds of times per day. I do this for every single cache sometimes multiple times per cache.


Would love to be able to set my two primary map views in the settings then a simple toggle button from main screen switches between those views. That  would allow me to configure the modes I want to switch between most often - some might like Street/topo others might like Google Street/Apple Satellite or OSM/Flyover etc. We would still have the ability to change to other maps from main screen. This allows pretty easy configurability for how each person uses different map views and does not impose my preference on others.


Implementation - the bottom right of the screen just added a new icon I have yet to intentionally use, but it has gotten crowded - and the button I use most is the one in he middle so I end up fat fingering the other two more than I care to admit. (I hate the option to have up be the direction I am facing and would love to disable that entirely or option to remove from the main screen - but that is a totally different issue)

Put an icon in the top left. Maybe consider moving the maps button entirely to that corner. Perhaps a quick press is the toggle and a press and hold brings up map options. The goal being to not add buttons but to add functionality to the buttons currently on the screen.

Just spitballing, if you can add a "quick switch" feature that would be awesome.


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