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Text templates and variables


I love the variables in the log templates, but I sometimes run into a problem...  I use the *|owner_name|* which uses the owner's name as listed on the cache page.  The problem with this is that a significant part of the time, it comes back as someting like "user1 (adopted by user2)" which does not really fit into my sentence thanking the cache owner.  When I used L4C, it would convert the templates when you begin to create your logs so that you could see if it was right, and correct it it it was not.  Even better was Geosphere (back when it was the best thing going) It had two variables available.  One for the cache owner as it was listed on the cache page, and a second for the cache owners username as it appears on their profile.

This second option would be the best, because it calls out the current owner. But if the API no longer allows for that, perhaps there is another way...  If you replace *|owner_name|* with the owners name at the time you click "Log Geocache", then you could easily see that there is someting that needs to be edited.  I understand it may not make sense to convert all the variables at that time, especially ones relating to date and time since they can still be edited.

I also understand that I can always click "Preview" to see how my log turned out, but that's a lot of effort for every cache when I'm using a feature that is supposed to make this part faster.

Thanks, Ben

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