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Log Dates for TBs


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I've noticed this recently and was wondering why Cachly uses an actual date of a TB log versus the date recorded on the TB page.  For example; I look up cache GC7Q73J and note there are 3 trackables currently listed in inventory. 2 of them were placed there by me.  I look at the log history for TB7Z2DC and notice it says I grabbed it on 6/1.  6/1 is the date I created that log on Geocaching.com but is not the date I used for the log.  I recorded the date on GC.com as 5/16, the actual date I received the trackable.  Where is Cachly getting this date of 6/1?  Technically, that is correct as the date I created the log but is not the date I want shown.  

Also, where can you view who is the owner of the trackable, it's release date as well as where it was released?  Oh wait, I see Release Date in the Date Created field under More Info but the other two fields?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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