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Requesting login when GC down

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This has happened twice in last 2 weeks - both times were when geocaching.com was having issues.

Basically I am using an offline list - I then try and refresh the cache I am looking at - usually to see if any new logs exists... Because the geocaching API does not respond it asks me for a log-in, I try and log in and get caught in an infinite loop - the login server is down so I cant log in and just keep getting asked to login... The issue is that it also locks me out of my offline caches...

Head out for a day of caching targeting caches from an offline list... at a cache I update a cache status page and get stuck in the login loop... My day is now ruined because I cant get back to my offline lists thus cant see the caches I had tried to target - I am stuck until I am able to log in again...

Thinking we should have the option to cancel the request to the server, thus returning to offline mode so that we can continue to cache even if the login server is not responding...


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There is a cancel option and you are not required to logout. Hitting cancel will keep you in Cachly.

However I realized this isn't very clear and in 4.3 that dialog will be fixed so that you only get the warning about geocaching.com being down and no option to logout. That way someone won't make the mistake of logging out and getting stuck.

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