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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I thought about another little feature, which I think might be easy to implement. It appears that Geocaching.com has a character limit of about 3700 (incl. spaces) for online logs (I am not sure about the exact value). While not hitting this threshold often, it is sad to lose text / hit errors on these particular logs, as these are obviously the type of logs that are demanding an elaborate story. Would it be possible to add a character counter in the corner of the logging screen? Something easy as this would do: (234/3700) Thanks a lot and best regards
  2. Great appli, well programmed! The 3-caches limit for the regular members (people not paying the yearly Groundspeak fees) is insanely low, and there is nothing you can do about that. However, it is not normal behavior to count the same cache twice if it's visited twice within the last 24 hours. Viewing full description of cache X 15 minutes later, going back to view cache X counts it again! (and could be blocked if 3 caches have been seen in total) Of course Groundspeak could implement that easily ("if cache X was part of the visited ones in the last 24h, don't count it again"), but that's unlikely (I've been a GC for many years, and it seems GS is becoming more and more money oriented). Cachly could simply cache (the computer science term) the last full description of a number of caches, or the caches seen within the last 24 h. Thus Cachly wouldn't have to do a request to the server when a description has already been downloaded recently.
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