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Found 5 results

  1. I was shocked when I read today that Cachly has also removed the Friends feature! Above all, I do not understand why this violates the GDPR? 1.) The cachers who were affected accepted all my friendship requests. So they all agreed to let me see their "data". 2.) Even then, each one can block the API access to the public profile data in its profile. 3.) All the data you see in Cachly can also be accessed normally via a user's public profile (even if they are not "friends"). So why does Cachly have to block this function under the excuse of the Data Protection Regulation? And where exactly is the data protection regulation violated in this case? If that were the case Groundspeak would have to take all log entries off the net immediately and no user profile would be public anymore. Also Groundspeak should no longer show which friends logged which caches in the dashboard. Please explain why this step became necessary!
  2. Hello is it possible to add ability to see friends logs in opened cache tab ? This feature is available in c'geo on android so API should support this. Thank you
  3. A family that plays together stays together. When we are geocaching, I have to open Looking4Cache to log all their finds. It allows me to register all my family members, type in personal notes for each then submit them all at once. What's more interesting is that only my account is premium, and this allows them to get credit for being there to help me find it. I don't allow my younger kids to have an iPhone and the geocaching website is draconian when trying to log their finds if it's a premium cache. Can we get some feature like Looking4Cache logging in Cachly? Screenshot of user registration page: Partial Screenshot of multi-user log page:
  4. Hi! I think it would be a cool feature if you could log in at the same time with different accounts and so you could create logs during a trip for yourself and your friends. And to go further: if it would save the logs I just saved for me and my friend on a server from Cachly and the "offline" logs from him would appear in the app from my friend and he then has the possibility to edit his logs (which I originally created) and then upload it to geocaching.com Maybe it is too complex but yeah it is just a idea... Hopefully you understand what I mean, my english is not that good Kind regards, Andyyy94
  5. It would be useful while reading a cachelisting in cachly to gain infos wether there were any finds by a cachly-friend. Thanks for creating that great app and the support! digger-one
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