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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, great job on cachly so far. Since cach.ly 5 trackables from field notes are not logged any more. I'm currently using Cachly 5 with iOS12.1.4 on iPhone 7 as Premium Member. This happens when I create a field note and add trackables. It doesn't matter if I visit a cache or drop that trackable. When the notes are uploaded the logs for that trackables are not created any more.
  2. I am looking for a way in Cachly to save log entries as field notes that can be included in GPX file exports. The purpose of this is to support offline caching and logging via GSAK. Instead of posting a log entry to GC.com I prefer to take field notes that include information about the cache comprising of the date, current time, log type and notes about where I found the cache and what the cache was. All this information would be included in a field note that can be exported out of Cachly as a GPX file and then imported into GSAK. In addition to this automatically marking the cache in the GSAK database as found or DNF, the date & time information along with any notes taken about the cache would be displayed in the GSAK user note section. Another advantage of doing this in a GPX export file is if the cache information is not already in a GSAK database all the information is included in the GPX file to populate most of the common GSAK database fields. When using the GSAK publish log feature, the GSAK user notes are displayed on the screen which I use to help jar my memory about the specific cache details as I compose my individual log entries along with a GSAK template. This is very helpful on days when large number of caches are found or on multiday caching adventures where logging may take place at a later date. This works real well for caching in places where one has no “Live Data connection” or when one just wants to write their cache logs using a larger screen and keypad as opposed to a mobile device. The field notes can contain as much or as little information one wants to write about the cache. Currently in Cachly there is the Cache Note feature but it gets exported as a GC.com note on the cache page. It can be seen by GSAK but does not mark the cache status in the GSAK data base and does not take advantage of the nice template function the Log function uses. The implementation of this function would require a switch in the Setting page under Log Defaults that would be something like “Save as Field Note”. This will allow one to take advantage of the existing Log Type templates already in Cachly. If this switch is set to ON then this field note information would be embedded in the GPX information for each cache that had a log type entry ( i.e. Found it or DNF etc). Also there would need to be a page that lists all the caches with field notes. On this page one would be able turn on or off the export of each cache listed as well as initiate the export of the GPX file. One GPX file would be generated for all the caches that are listed with field notes and that have the export feature enabled. On multiday caching adventures on could export out a GPX field note file that would contain all the information on caches sought after in each day. Then one could load each file into a different GSAK database I.E. day1, day2, etc. so each day could be separated out for logging purposes if one chooses. This field note feature currently exists in geosphere but with the deprecation of that application it would be nice to have this feature in Cachly.
  3. JGNi

    Field notes

    Hi! I've logged a lot of caches with field notes. I thought I could download them afterwards, as a file, an put them in to GSAK. But that's not possible? Regards Jan
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