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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I just have a simple request. There are a lot of ways to filter out any type of cache, found or not found etc. What I want to have as a feature on the cachly app is to have a slider that will hide all other caches but the ones I have marked with a DNF. Amidst all the sorts of caches in the map a diffrent location I go to it's pretty hard to find caches back that I have looked for but not have found. I could seperately put them in a list and save that list but I more the often forget. So I was wondering if it would be possible to just have a toggle in the filter area that ONLY shows caches that are marked with a DNF. Regards G3oSense
  2. Adding total find, DNF OM, NM, counts might be useful somewhere. I've only really ever wanted to find this information on several outings, and ended up viewing on geocaching.com to accomplish what I wanted. It might be nice though to have it in the "Additional Information" section of the cache. If you were to want it displayed on the main cache page, it might be less clutter if added to the banner after click on "Logs" kind of up at the top. So it would look like [ Smile # DNF # "Logs" OM # NM#] Just a thought. Converted a couple more geocachers into believers today at an event. It's not even hard to get people using your app. Love what you guys do. Cache on.
  3. Hi! Have a suggestion regarding the maps and lists, which came about as I was on a mission to avenge a previous DNF. It was then I noted that DNF's are not identified on the maps or lists as any type of icon or color change - the cache appeared as the usual green icon that denotes a cache I have not found. The work around was to scroll through my logs to locate the GC number and manually search for the cache and add it to an offline list. As you can imagine, one may find themselves in an area that they do not recall logging a DNF in the past, so I would like to suggest identifying these caches just as found caches are identified. Would it be possible to add an icon to the map and list that denotes a cache you previously logged as a DNF?
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