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Found 2 results

  1. I'm using cachly to project a waypoint 177 degrees for .47 miles. It placed it in the middle of a road (I know the cache is in the woods) and within .1 radius of another cache, so I went online and ran the same projection (using a projection tool from the Internet) and got different results. I then projected in cachly using 2481.6 feet instead of the .47 miles and got the same result as the online projection. I hesitate to post any coordinate info in the forum as it's a puzzle final. I tried it with a couple different starting points and same inconsistent answer. I also experimented and used 1 mile and then 5280 feet and got a different result for each of those. I'm running the latest available version of cachly and I run on an iPhone with iOS10.2.
  2. I just started to use Cachly, used L4C previously, like Cachly better! Thing missing for me is the option to add a WP (while doing a multi f.e.) based on a projection (giving bearing and distance). in L4C you can add a WP where you pick the point from which you want the projection to be calculated ( incl. other already stored WPs or current location), give bearing and distance and it will calculate and create the "WP+1" for you... I hope you understand I am asking for More then happy to explain in more details! thx!
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