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    Waypoint projection feet vs. miles

    I'm using cachly to project a waypoint 177 degrees for .47 miles. It placed it in the middle of a road (I know the cache is in the woods) and within .1 radius of another cache, so I went online and ran the same projection (using a projection tool from the Internet) and got different results. I then projected in cachly using 2481.6 feet instead of the .47 miles and got the same result as the online projection. I hesitate to post any coordinate info in the forum as it's a puzzle final. I tried it with a couple different starting points and same inconsistent answer. I also experimented and used 1 mile and then 5280 feet and got a different result for each of those. I'm running the latest available version of cachly and I run on an iPhone with iOS10.2.
  2. Mud Dancer

    Resume app from last use

    Maybe implement as an option that each user can select which page they want on screen when they open the app vs. which one they were last on? Or was the intent to actually fully be at the last page along with whatever data was last in view.