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Found 3 results

  1. For more than half of my Pocket Queries download into Cachly is impossible because it stalls. When I try downloading them often after some time one of the many segments of up to 50 caches seems to complete, but the others do not for minutes. I even tried it over night in 2 cases and the download did not complete. The download does not always stall after completion of one segment, sometimes it is more, sometimes less. It occurs for both my iPhone as well as my iPad, and for both of them the same PQs stalled. In those cases I compared it was even the same segments on both devices that completed before the stall. (Reference information: iPhone: iOS 16.5, device: iPhone 14 Pro (A2890); iPad: iOS 16.4.1, device: iPad (5th generation) (A1822); both: Cachly version numer: 7.1.1 (1), screen: PQs, repeatable: yes, Premium: yes )
  2. When I try to download PQs, the app either bonks out of Cachly without finishing or hangs up for 10-30 minutes. I end up having three-six partial lists which I merge. Then I still am missing 50 geocaches from a Pocket Query of 251 geocaches. I tried only downloading at my home network (very fast), restarting my iPhone, closing all other apps, waiting a few hours before trying again, restarting Cachly and have called both my carrier and Apple to see if there were problems on those ends. My iPhone 8 was new at the end of April. I don’t remember this slow and incomplete downloads happening until recently. This is so frustrating. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello, cashly is crashing every time I try to download a PQ with germanic umlaut within its name. Unfortunatly, such PQ can only be created from bookmarks. I've created samles to reproduce the problem. They are attached. Bookmarks are public and could be views here (without umlaut) and here (with umlaut). Both should include PQ-name within filename. Regards Edit: [2016-01-31] Links to PQ's won't work 17182274_cach.lytest.zip 17182278_cach.lytestäöüßÄÖÜ.zip
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