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    CDaxi got a reaction from Saved by God's grace in Multiple coordinate converters for waypoints   
    i found the utility for projections at waypoints.
    But in older caches UTM was used massively.
    Wouldn't it be great if a converter for different coordinate formats would be integrated in waypoints?
    add waypoints in different formats at the submenu (...) a new endpoint to show to coordinates in many different formats Examples:
    what3words (API exists: https://api.what3words.com/v2) the list of Deine-Berge.de (https://www.deine-berge.de/Rechner/Koordinaten/Dezimal/51,10) - in my opinion a great converter but i will love a app that integrates this converting functionality Kind regards,
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    CDaxi got a reaction from rragan in Custom links to third party applications   
    i have used L4C now for a longer time, now I want to have a more detailed look at Cachly.
    The first impression is really good. Some things are besser, some other not.
    What do you think about custom link functionality.
    L4C uses a template syntax. For example https://coords.info/[GCCODE]
    With this feature it would be possible to start new messages in Instant messengers like:
    WhatsApp: whatsapp://send?text=message Threema: threema://compose?text=Hello Telegram: tg://msg?text=Mi_mensaje&to=+1555999 After clicking the custom link, the messenger app will open to select the recipient.
    That would makes it much easlier to chat with people about a cache to get help.
    The link to the cache, title and code can be easily added to the message text without any copy paste waste anymore.
    Kind regards,
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    CDaxi reacted to geomonden in Navigation to a cache   
    If I want to navigate to a cache I can choose Appel maps or Google maps.
    Is it in the future possible to choose another navigation system such as Waze or TomTom?
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