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  1. I've made a few tests. If the app is freshly installed, import process works fine (both, gpx and zip import methods). But after any update, it breaks. The most recent update broke both (gpx and zip) import methods on my device. So I reinstall the app and it works fine again.

    Any ideas what is going on?

  2. I do understand that without a log or debugging you are blind. Personally, I ask "a customer" to enable debug logging for a short period of time and gather log files. Anyway I am open to help you out. Just tell me what to do :)

  3. Thank you for detailed info.

    When I go step by step with using Chrome, it works fine and I am able to import the GPX file. +1! (I do remember that I had problems with Chrome months ago.)
    But when I use Safari or Files app, it doesn't work - it hangs on nr. 10. - after tapping on Import, Processing... dialog appears with the wheel spinning. And here it hangs. I can notice small shift of the Processing... popup dialog after a few seconds. Can you please test it with Safari or Files app?
    I recorded the screen with the issue: 20200627_193919.mp4

  4. I downloaded it via Safari - so from Safari's download context menu. And I tried it from Files app (from Downloads folder) as well.

    EDIT: Then I compressed the gpx file directly inside Files app and imported the compressed file into Cachly. 

  5. Hi there. Is there any progress related to this issue? Currently, I am able to compress gpx file and import it into Cachly. But I am not able to import a gpx file directly - if I try to do that, I select output list and Cachly displays a popup saying "Processing..." with the wheel spinning indefinitely.

  6. With 5.2.20 version, when I select "Copy to Cachly" from within Files app, or Safari, Cachly just opens and nothing happens.

    EDIT: Ok, it looks like it is because the file's name is "xxx.gpx.xml". Safari adds "xml" extension to the file name while downloading and Cachly refuses it. I did not find a way to remove the xml extension from within Files application. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  7. On 4/23/2019 at 2:54 PM, Nic Hubbard said:

    You cannot. If it exists in another list you cannot move it, it will always be in both lists.

    So the only way how to simulate "move" action is to "copy" to another list and then "delete" from the first one? Hmm, from an user perspective, that is "unexpected". Are you planning to add this "feature"?


    On 4/23/2019 at 2:54 PM, Nic Hubbard said:

    Make sure you are on the Map View:

    IMG_C97564412B47-1 2.jpeg

    Got it. Thanks. Btw, another "unexpected" behavior from an user perspective.

  8. 1 hour ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    You can hard press on the map callout or the cache in list view and it will give you an option to add to another list. Or, if you are viewing the cache details, tap the add to list button on the top right of the screen. It is the second button that has a plus on it:

    Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 9.53.48 AM.png

    This will copy the cache only. How to move it?


    1 hour ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    When viewing the filtered list, tap the ... button and choose "Add to List".

    I see no such a button (I expect it's not the ... button on the bottom panel which navigates to the Cachly's settings):


  9. Hello.

    I know it's an old thread, but want to ask something.

    I was out for a geocaching trip today and have struggled a bit with moving caches between lists. I simply found no way ho to:

    1) move/copy a single cache into a different offline list.

    2) move/copy filtered caches into a different offline list.

    I know i've seen this option in the past, but didn't find this option in the current version of Cachly. Am I blind?

    Thank you.

  10. Cachly's premium map shows unpaved roads (the brown ones from the screen above), but how should a tourist know which of all the unpaved roads is hike/bike trail?

    You are correct, the initial screenshot uses OSM maps with additional theme apply to it. All the information about hike/bike trails are already in OSM. So we only need a theme which will displays the additional data.

  11. Hello.

    I've purchased premium maps with hopes that hiking and cycle trails are included in the maps' data, but I was wrong.

    1) It would be great to have an ability to modify map's theme (add custom one, change current one, ..). Please, please, give us the ability.

    2) Would it be possible to add extra data into the map / or if the data are already there to modify theme to show the extra data?

    This is how it should look like (trails enabled - pink one is a bike trail; blue and green ones are hiking trails) (source with coordinates):


    And this is how it looks like in cachly:



    Very good source for all the hiking and bike trails here in Czechia is mapy.cz.


    Thank you.

  12. Hello.

    It will be great to see just WPs associated with a particular cache. Currently, there is no such a view. When I click on "Navigate" button from within a cache's details, it shows all the caches around plus a few red baloons withtout any links to its "parent" cache (when there is a lot of caches around, the view will easily become unreadable). All the red baloons have also no informative value unles you manually click on every single one. Multicaches' views will deserve some changes from usability point of view.

    Thank you.

  13. Hello @Nic Hubbard.

    I have just downloaded new version of Cachly and here are my thoughts.

    1. Onine list tab is useless for basic members. Would it be possible to hide the tab if currently logged in user is not a premium meber?
    2. Online list tab message leaks to Offline list tab
    3. In a different threadyou mentioned, that there will be an option to "Move filtered Caches" in v4.3. But there is no such an option available.

    Dunno whether following are related to v4.3.1:

    1. For some found caches, I see "Cache Found!" label, for some "Found *date*" and for some "Log this Cache" even though all the caches have been logged through Cachly. Please note, that "Milovska cahe" is highlighted with smile icon indicating that I found the cache, but once I open the cache, there is nothing about my find.
      IMG_0465_.thumb.PNG.e9f90eeea5e51d76b83596d34697daf6.PNG  IMG_0466__.thumb.PNG.247ac3e813b1be403848e2fe62130bf8.PNG  IMG_0468___.thumb.PNG.e9060550d2208ac00684971e02769a60.PNG  IMG_0467____.thumb.jpg.2da641adce5e1c0016089fabe0d26c94.jpg
    2. Once I want to see the log from a particular cache, I open the cache and click "Cache Found" button (or whatever it currently displays) and new screen opens with "Log Cache". This is not intuitive because one can think it will navigate him/her to the log he/she submitted. What about keeping the button the same label "Log this Cache" and add next clickable row with "Own Logs" to the cache detail (somewhere above "Logs") which will display all own logs?


    Anyway I am happy you are still adding new features and making the app better.

    Thank you.

  14. Hi @Nic Hubbard.
    Cachly behaves weird. Sometimes, the trackable icon is clickable and I can see tackables' details and sometines not.

    1. Wht's the magic behind it?
    2. How does Cachly load log entries' images? I have following:

    But Cachly doesnt parse it. Cachly loads log images only when I swipe down on Logs screen to refresh logs. Would it be great if it load images while parsing GPX.

    Well, A lot of unexpected behaviors is happening while loading GPX files. You noted, that hundreds GPX files have been tested, but still Cachly ignores some well-known elements. Please, provide the list of supported elements to us.
    Thank you.

  15. Hello.

    1) I found no way how to import Country field into Cachly.
    Following has no effect:


    2) I thought that trackable counter within cache's detail screen is clickable. But looks like it's not for:

      <groundspeak:travelbug id="3398882" ref="TB43WK9">
          Bimbo der Elefant

    The whole GPX file:

    <gpx version="1.1" creator="xxx" xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1" xmlns:groundspeak="http://www.groundspeak.com/cache/1/0/1" xmlns:gsak="http://www.gsak.net/xmlv1/6">
    	<wpt lat="49.905883333333335" lon="18.3362">
    			Geocache|Traditional Cache
    		<groundspeak:cache id="5973233" available="true" archived="false">
    				Traditional Cache
    				<groundspeak:attribute id="14" inc="0"/>
    				<groundspeak:attribute id="24" inc="0"/>
    				<groundspeak:attribute id="64" inc="0"/>
    				<groundspeak:attribute id="6" inc="1"/>
    				<groundspeak:attribute id="19" inc="1"/>
    				<groundspeak:attribute id="32" inc="1"/>
    				<groundspeak:attribute id="39" inc="1"/>
    				<groundspeak:attribute id="40" inc="1"/>
    				Moravskoslezský kraj
    			<groundspeak:short_description html="true">
    <p style="text-align:justify;">Moc informací neexistuje ohledně pobočky Rybeny v Bohumíně. Tudíž listing je obecný k tomuto závodu a informace se spise tykají hlavního sídla, které se nacházelo v Kovářské poblíž Chomutova.  Bohumínská pobočka byla podobna hlavnímu závodu, jen v menším měřítku.</p>
    			<groundspeak:long_description html="true">
    				<p style="text-align:justify;">Postavení, jež bylo naprosto bezkonkurenční v regionu a jedinečné v celé republice, si vydobyla firma na rybí konzervy Antonína Kally z Kovářské, založena r. 1910.<br />
    <br />
    Mořské ryby ze Švédska dodávali obchodníci z Hamburku po železnici většinou přes hraniční přechod ve Vejprtech. V Kovářské je pak zpracovávali na mnoho způsobů. V rosolu a marinádě, do rybích salátů nebo jako uzenáče a pečenáče. Továrna měla 32 udících boxů, sklady na syrovou cibuli a nakládanou zeleninu, vlastní výrobnu octa, jehož spotřebovali přes dvacet tisíc litrů měsíčně.<br />
    <br />
    Zpracované lahůdky se expedovaly většinou v plechovkách, vyráběných přímo v závodě. Z odstřižků, příliš malých na zhotovení konzerv, se dělaly buď plechovky menších rozměrů a jiné výrobky z kovů. Stejně racionálně, promyšleně a úsporně se zacházelo i s odpadem z ryb. Voda, kterou se po vykostění ryby čistily a umývaly, se shromažďovala ve zvláštních nádržích, zbylá odpadní voda se využívala jako hnojivo na pole. Kosti z ryb se sušily a rozemílaly na rybí moučku.<br />
    <br />
    V roce 1921 otevřela firma zahraniční filiálku v rumunském Temešváru. Měla pobočku i v <strong>Bohumíně</strong>, ta vznikla v roce 1923, kde její hlavní činnosti bylo zpracování mořských a sladkovodních ryb a s tím související výroba rybích výrobků a polotovarů. Podnik fungoval až do konce roku 1992.<br />
    <br />
    Dnes je v areálu mnoho soukromníku a různých podnikatelů s různým zaměřením. Jediné co dnes připomíná tento podnik je autobusová zastávka Bohumín/Pudlov – Rybena.<br />
    <br />
    				Použijte HINT - fotografie.<oe>Na strome v úrovni oci.
    				<groundspeak:log id="769297274">
    						Found it
    					<groundspeak:finder id="1787395">
    					<groundspeak:text encoded="False">
    						Je to spousta let, co jsem tu skoro každý den jezdil. A ´pamatuji, jak jsme tam jezdili pro ryby a díky některým dobrým konexím i pro takové, které moc v obchodech nebyly:-))) ...holt staré dobré časy.-)))  Je moc dobře, že tahle keš mladým připomene, že i v tady takový závod kdysi byl. Moc pěkná krabička a je v pořádku. Díky a TNLN
    				<groundspeak:log id="768574811">
    						Found it
    					<groundspeak:finder id="22668946">
    					<groundspeak:text encoded="False">
    						Počasí se nám po včerejšku umoudřilo tak jsme si odpoledne zajeli s FCB1922 na menší geovýlet do Bohumína.Hned první keška nás pobavila,protože jsme si mohli ulovit rybu na stromĕ.To se jen tak každému nepodaří.Dĕkuji moc za pĕknou kešku.
    				<groundspeak:travelbug id="3398882" ref="TB43WK9">
    						Bimbo der Elefant
    						Areál - Dnes
    						Nejlepší cesta :-)

    Thank you for your help.

  16. 2 minutes ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    What @rragan meant was that you do not have to put GC in the front, you can use anything. The Cache Code is required because that is the key used in the database for that record.

    Ah, ok. so still have to fill it up. Will try it with my scenario.

    1 minute ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    No, they currently are their own object in the database and I don't have plans to allow them to be added under an offline list.

    Sorry about that!

    :(  Finger crossed for future, future, future release :)

    Thank for reply.