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    Easy TB Dip

    I don't know what you mean by "dip list feature". That would be something like select a few TBs to default 'dip' with each found log? Yes that would be beneficial. I think I see someone else asked in another thread, and it sounds like they said it better than I could, so I'll link to them. And I see there you are saying this is in the next release, so I'll look forward to that. Thank you!
  2. jvsquared

    Scan TB QR Code

    I have version 4.0.1 but don't see anything in the trackable logging for QRreading. Where can I do this?
  3. jvsquared

    Easy TB Dip

    I was searching for something like this, but what I would like is to make a 'template' where "found with CDV and ZKV" so I can dip both of my kids trackables, but not my entire inventory. I also noticed that the *|find_count|* does not seem to work in the trackable log field. I'll reserve my "ridiculous request of one button to mark as found with time and find number, and two trackables with their find number (or our find number with some math applied for an offset) and our find number" for a later date. Loving the app after using for a few months. Thanks for putting it out there!