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  1. I use highlights extensively. I love the new ability to rename them. For example, a few of mine are: orange - solved puzzles blue - challenges purple - lab cache finals light blue - Earthcache green - oldies You get the point. Some caches I’d like to have in more than one group. They are oldies that are solved puzzles. Or some other combination. I’d like the ability to assign more than one highlight to a cache.
  2. I’d like to have a calendar that shows how many finds per day I’ve marked as found in the app. This would help on busy days so I don’t have to count each line one by one.
  3. Well, from what I can tell, if you combine the Distance filter with any other filter, you get completely random results. It's really annoying. No matter how much time I wait, it doesn't change.
  4. Oh for crying out loud. I wanted to see if this affected any other offline lists so I did a simple distance filter on 2 other lists. They worked fine so I went back my Default list and now it's working as expected. This is still rather strange behavior.
  5. When I choose the distance filter, either alone or in conjunction with other filters, I get a random selection of caches. I like to filter out caches more than 50 miles away because I don't need to see them when I'm out caching. The first pic is a filter of highlighted caches. They're either very old or solved puzzles. The second pic is the filters page. The third pic is the result of adding the distance filter to my existing filter of highlighted and unknown caches. I can't figure out why it's showing me these particular caches and not all highlighted unknown caches within 50 miles.
  6. I just wanted to update you - I've been doing some caching while I'm in Houston this week. Wow, the new app is so much faster! This is what I like to see! Oh, and not a single crash, either. I use Google Maps and the zoom level it defaults to when hitting the center button (that centers the map on you), is always way zoomed in. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but can you change that? It would be nice if it kept the current zoom level when it centers the map.
  7. Headache, yes, but ultimately you helped me solve it. Thanks for your quick replies and being patient with me.
  8. I mentioned it in my first post - iPhone XS MAX, iOS 12.1.4, Cachly 5.0.1 (2) Is it possible my token expired between the last time I used 4.x and the new version got installed, causing it to fail somehow?
  9. Seriously!? That's what fixed it (so far)! Such a simple thing, but the app hasn't crashed in the past few minutes, whereas before it would ALWAYS crash within a minute. If this doesn't fix it long-term, I will send you my sqlite db. P.S. Thank you for bringing back Google Maps!! App is also much faster than previous versions.
  10. No, Microsoft keeps changing the default path for local users. There is no Documents and Settings folder on Windows 10. OK, so I did find a C:\ProgramData\Apple (and Apple Computer) folder, but no Logs folder anywhere underneath that.
  11. I can't find the logs on my PC in all the usual locations. I'm running Windows 10. I've looked in C:\Users\carlsocj\AppData\Local C:\Users\carlsocj\AppData\LocalLow C:\Users\carlsocj\AppData\Roaming
  12. I was just looking at that exact page! Gimme a minute...
  13. This didn't make any difference. It opens to the Live screen, then crashes to the home screen after less than a minutes.
  14. OK, fair enough. I didn't know how much SQL you knew (or needed to know). Yes, the app closes back to the home screen, always in less than a minute after opening it. Yes, I have that option turned on in the Analytics. It wasn't turned on when I submitted this ticket yesterday, but I turned it on yesterday.
  15. Even in Airplane mode, if I open the app and let it just sit there, it will crash in less than a minute. I read a post on another site about troubleshooting SQLite DB's, so I made a copy of the SQLite DB on my Windows 10 PC, assumed that it's using SQLite3, ran pragma integrity_check, which returned an OK response. One suggestion was to export the SQL data, then reimport it into a new DB. Any thoughts on that?
  16. I agree, it is odd. There are many crash logs from other apps...just none from Cachly.
  17. I backed up everything, deleted the app, restored my sqlite db, and it's still crashing. I tried adding a cache from live view to an offline list - crash Just opening the app and letting it sit idle - crash Grrr.
  18. My GC username is the same as it is here. I'll work on backing up/restoring my Cachly db.
  19. There are no logs on my iPhone that start with Cachly.
  20. This could be daunting. There are a LOT of logs and some of those logs are very long. I found a log that started with JetsamEvent that did have Cachly in the log. Let me know if it helps.
  21. iPhone XS MAX, iOS 12.1.4, Cachly 5.0.1 (2). I use Cachly constantly and have many offline lists that I have meticulously maintained. After the 5.0 update, it crashes constantly. If I am in the Live screen, I bring up a cache and try to import it into an offline list - crash Goto the Lists tab - crash Goto the More tab and find the Cachly version - crash If I open the app and just let it sit there, it crashes in less than a minute. The app is unusable as it is. I can't even make a backup. Anything I try and do it crashes. I rebooted my phone, still crashes. I want to upload the crash logs, but I don't know which one to send. There are dozens and dozens of analytics logs. Please help, BigChiefS4
  22. Long time lurker here. I use Cachly every day. As a former Geosphere user, I need an app that fills the void that Geosphere left. So far, with a few tweaks here and there, I've come around to loving Cachly. I have a pretty long streak going, over 2400 days so far. One thing that bothers me, though, is the badge on the Cachly icon that represents how many Pending Geocache Logs there are in my list. Quite frankly, this feature is useless and I'd like the option to turn it off. I use that list to keep track of my finds because it shows all my finds IN THE ORDER I FOUND THEM. I do not publish Found It logs from Cachly. I use GSAK for that. I do not care how many finds are in that list (currently there's almost 600 finds in there). I don't need a constant reminder on my iPhone screen how many logs are there. Can I please have an option to turn that off? I never delete caches from that list because I frequently reference it at a later date (like when someone calls me for a PAF). Another request along those lines is to group finds by date in the Pending list. Sometimes I find 100 caches in a day, sometimes I find 1 or 2. It would be nice to be able to group them by day. I don't mean to sound negative in my request, so I apologize in advance. I do love Cachly and use it every single day.
  23. Can you add the option to add our own Google Maps API key? I have my own API key because I use it with GSAK. If I could add it to Cachly, then you would potentially run into fewer issues with licensing.
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