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  1. spyder

    Offline Lists Gone

    No problem. Thank you for an excellent app!
  2. spyder

    Offline Lists Gone

    Ah! After a restart all the lists where back where they should be. Truly a relief!
  3. spyder

    Offline Lists Gone

    Sorry for jumping in like this, but my lists disappeared for me as well. I let a friend test Cachly, so I logged out, let him log in, and then when I logged back in with my account, the lists were all gone. The database is 5.9 MB and I had at least 100 caches saved with full info. Funny thing though, out of curiosity I tried to add a cache to an offline list, and all my lists are available to save to! But even if I save a cache to an existing list, there are no lists visible in the Offline tab... Weird!