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    I'll try the create waypoint using the map, and then modifying the lat/long using the method described. As the Training Caches are all within a mile of the start point, that might work. 
    Also, the idea of sending an gpx file via airdrop is a good one. I'll look into it. Thanks!
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    K2gw reacted to Nic Hubbard in Private Training Caches on Scout Camps   
    You can press and hold on the map and it will drop a pin, then tap the info button on the callout and choose Save Location. This will allow you to then refine the coordinates and save that location. These can then be accessed by going to More and Saved Locations.
    You can also tap your current location to create a Saved Location.
    These saved locations can then be used to navigate to using the compass and target features of Cachly.
    Does this help?
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    K2gw reacted to rragan in Private Training Caches on Scout Camps   
    If someone creates the GPX file it can be transferred to other iPhones without email using AirDrop. No cell connection needed either. This would be easier and more reliable than having each scout key them in.