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  1. I'll try the create waypoint using the map, and then modifying the lat/long using the method described. As the Training Caches are all within a mile of the start point, that might work. Also, the idea of sending an gpx file via airdrop is a good one. I'll look into it. Thanks!
  2. Haven't found a free iPhone app that allows user to easily enter lat/long to then home in on using the GPS. Suggestions appreciated Being able to do it in something like Catchly allows them to then easily transition to hunting public Caches using the same tool when they get home.
  3. I understand a GPX file could be loaded, but Scouts may be restricted from receiving emails and files from adults due to youth protection policies. I'm really looking for an option that allows the Catchly user to type in a cache latitude and longitude when given a piece of paper with them printed on. Seems like it should be simple to do. It certainly can be done with standalone GPS units. We just want them to be able to start Geocaching in a camp setting using a smartphone that nowadays they often already have. Any ideas? Or do we need to use another free app? I'd rather them be able to learn Catchly and then later seamlessly transition to looking for public Caches when they get home ( with their parents permission of course)
  4. How can we manually enter lat/long of unpublished training caches located on private property? These are used for initial training of Scouts working on Geocaching Merit Badges and obviously can't be published.
  5. Hi I'm new to Geocaching. At our Scout Camp, we have some private caches that are used to introduce Scouts to the subject through Geocaching Merit Badge. Due to Youth Protection Rules, we cannot have the public looking for these on the camp property and thus they are not published. How how can we simply manually type in the lat/long of these private training caches into a Scouts instance of Catchly so they can use the app to get an introduction to the hobby and the application? Obviously, once they get home and with their parents permission they might become advocates for the hobby and hunt for public caches using the same app Thanks Gary