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  1. Nic -- Thank you for the quick response. We're glad that you've already observed and solved the problem. Great support!!! sshicks Gary and Sarah Hicks Kennesaw, GA
  2. Cachly version number - 2.0.3 (4) iOS version - 10.3.1 Device that you are using - iPhone 5 Screen that issue is happening on and if you can replicate it - Logs If you are a Regular or Premium user of geocaching.com - Premium GC code if your question is about a specific cache - Not specific to a GC code but it can be demonstrated by looking at the logs for GC73QVX Cachly sometimes displays cache logs in a different order than what is displayed at the geocaching.com web page. For instance, for GC73QVX, the log for "sshicks" is displayed as the oldest log. In reality (and as displayed on geocaching.com) the "sshicks" log should be the third log - after the publish log and after the FTF log by "cachememoutside". We suspect that this might be caused by the other logs being edited after the "sshicks" log was entered, but we don't know for sure.
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