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  1. verturin

    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    You may need to be asked again? or should users ask apple to validate this function? this would be very handy now that there are alerts from nearby caches.
  2. verturin

    Cachly on Apple CarPlay

    hello is this progress for the Carplay ?
  3. verturin

    More than one Account

    I m geocahing with m'y daughter who has an account but no phone maybe two or more account on the same phone will be cool ! fred aka Verturin
  4. verturin

    API key Requiered

    API key required for Open Cycle map !
  5. verturin

    Export to GSAK Or MGM

    Finaly i have also the same question
  6. verturin

    Export to GSAK Or MGM

    Your welcome ! https://facebook.com/groups/838240549648346?ref=bookmarks fred aka verturin
  7. verturin

    Export to GSAK Or MGM

    Waouh ! Quickly answer ! the text send is GC3F250,2017-03-27T18:15Z,Trouvée,"Test" may be the poblem is "Trouvé" because in french there is "é" ! I created Cachly France for geocacheurs who don't speak english may be a french section on the forum is a good idea ! Fred aka verturin
  8. verturin

    Export to GSAK Or MGM

    Hello, I can not export Cachly Field Notes correctly on the Geocaching.com page or in MGM (MyGeocachingManager). Looking closer, and trying several things, I realized that it was the shape of Cachly's field notes that was not recognized in other applications. Being French, my Cachly application is in French. MGM and Geocaching.com do not recognize it. The text 'Found it' must be in English. In addition it is necessary that there is all the data like when the field notes are exported by a conventional GPS. Here is the form of the notes that are recognized by geocaching.com and MGM and that work perfectly: GC71T8Y, 2017-03-12T10: 38Z, Found it, "Ok" ,, no ,,? When compared with a field note from Cachly, it is obvious: Field note from Cachly: GC46V6B, 2017-02-27T15: 29Z, Found, "Thanks for the cache" I love this application that I discovered day by day. I have already found answers on the facebook group "Cachly FRANCE" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/cachly.france/), But I would really like to deepen this experience to the end. Thank you in advance. P.S. I can not create an account on the support forum of Cachly ... He gives me the following message: "Sorry, there is a problem You are not allowed to register with this site. Error code: 2S129 / 1 "